The Iron coast!

This dramatic name was given to the Westcoast. Not because iron was mined, but because neither wood nor iron ships could survive a meeting with the sandbanks hidden under the foaming waves.


If a ship hit a sandbank it often meant the demise of the ship as the waves, carried by the strong winds, started their merciless bombardment against the keel of the ship. In the 19th century in a span of 24 years more than 1.200 ships stranded along the west coast, more than 50 ships a year.

The great Russian frigate, Alexander Nevskij, was stopped on its journey to Kronstadt at the iron coast right outside groin 41.

With 724 men on board the frigate stranded. Local heroes undertook a historical rescue mission to get the 724 men safely ashore. Only 5 sailors perished during the rescue. 

On the Kystcentret you can see and touch real artifacts from Alexander Nevskij as well as learn more about why the ship stranded and who the heroes of the rescue mission were. You get a unique insight into the life on board such a vessel through real letters and the later questioning of the captain.

A great local story which we are proud to be able to bring in cooperation with Lemvig museum.