Sand, water and learning

The West coast is a rough place filled with energy. Here it is always windy and the waves are big. This unique place showcases equally unique nature and powerful natural forces. A walk along the west coast often results in a lot of questions: Why are there groins? Why are the waves so large? And of course, why is it so windy?


In Kystcentret all these questions and more can be answered in our 5.000 m2 coast-experimentarium. Here you can become the master of the natural forces with our fun and educational machines, where you can control water, sand, and wind. It is a fun hands-on environment!

Can you build a dike that will hold back water? Can you sail a boat to a safe harbor without grounding it? Is it always wise to go against the current? How much do water levels need to rise in Denmark before your basement floods? Quicksand and sharp seashells do you dare step in?

The ocean and the fjord are both our friends and our enemies and between these extremes you find Kystcentret.

Come and learn about the how wind, sun, waves, and currents are all connected. A trip to the beach will never be the same.