Reptiles and amphibians

In Denmark, we are lucky. We have thousands of kilometers of shoreline, we have forests, bogs, heathland, fields, and meadows. We have a very varied nature and thus a very varied wildlife.

Some of the rarer animals are the reptiles and amphibians since these are hard-pressed in Denmark. Where people move in, they move out. This has resulted in all Danish amphibians and reptiles are now endangered. By showcasing these animals at Kystcentret we hope to create curiosity, debate and perhaps affection for these unique animals.

Kystcentret has two fascinating exhibitions regarding Danish reptiles and amphibians. In the first exhibition, we show all the natural occurring reptiles and amphibians found in the Thyborøn area. Here you will find the common toad, a legless lizard, and the viper. 

In the second, we show animals that are either very rare or extinct in Denmark. In the years 1700-1900 A.D. the Danish navy needed timber for their fleet. This resulted in a large reduction of the forest. The reduction meant the decline and eventual extinction of the large snake and beautiful olive green Aesculapian snake in Denmark. You can however still experience this specimen and more in our exhibition. You can also see turtles, salamanders and small smooth snakes.

The exhibition is sponsored by Cheminova