Swimming safety

Kystcentret is proud to work with Trygfonden to create a safer and better swimming environment so that all guest safely can enjoy the beach.


The Westcoast can be a dangerous place to go swimming and every year people get hurt or in trouble along the Danish beaches. Luckily you can decrease your risk of getting into a dangerous situation by following the 5 swimming tips:

1. Learn how to swim.
2. Never enter the water alone
3. Understand the wind and weather
4. Know the beach
5. Always keep an eye on your children

You can learn about and play with real lifeguard equipment both inside Kystcentret and on the coastal playground. Inside you can test your knowledge regarding the 5 swimming tips with our fun and interactive lifeguard game. You can also take a selfie with our lifeguard.

Outside you try Denmarks first rip current simulator. Rip currents occur every year along the West Coast and can be dangerous for swimmers along the beach. It is a natural phenomenon where a current towards the ocean is created by a mix of waves and ridges of sand.

It is difficult to swim towards the beach if you get caught in a rip current. 

It is easy to panic, but if you know what to do, how to stay calm, then you can safely escape your meeting with a rip current. In our simulator, you can see how a rip current works and learn how to safely exit it if you were ever to get caught in one.

You can also enjoy the view from a lifeguard tower, you might notice our 3 goats begging for a good scratch behind their ears.